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CasaCasa festival in St.Petersburg 
30th September 2012

Russian Petrushka doll theatre, Scottish bagpipes, Korean drums, Irish brush dance, Indian mehendhi… Have you ever dreams of seeing pieces of different cultures collected in one place?

CasaCasa festival offers you a great opportunity to make a journey around the most interesting traditions of the world only within several hours – this is a chance you won’t want to miss.

Why CasaCasa? Because "me casa es tu casa" – my house is your house. The main idea of our festival is to unite unique traditions under one roof and make everyone feel like home at the same time. Currently our city offers a great variety of opportunities to get to know culture of this or that nation. CasaCasa in a way simplifies the hardships of choice giving a chance to see a tradition “in action”. Furthermore, we position the festival as a family event and even the youngest children are most welcome to join in. 

We still invite participants to join the CasaCasa festival  in group or you can mail to  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Last year we were honoured to present: 

  • Mundo Capoeira
  • Belorussian dance workshop
  • Anastasiya Sergeeva Celtic harp school
  • Armenian duduk
  • Belorybitsa folk band with Russian folk dance and music
  • Unique Udmurt singing tradition presented by Ladi Mari from Izhevsk
  • Ethno-fusion provided by Minnus Trelligh
  • Experimental Russian folklore by TESTO

And this is far not the end of the list!